Acupuncture Point Locators and Stimulators

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Acupuncture requires finding and understanding how certain points on the body react to the needles and pressure. These acupuncture points can be electronically located and stimulated.

AME offers many varieties of point locators and stimulators. They are all hand held and easy to use units with each unit having a variety of unique features.
Pointer Excel II with Digital Meter
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Sale price:$149.00
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Pointer Plus Locator/Stimulator
Regular price:$95.00
Sale price:$93.00
Pointer Excel II LT Stimulator
Regular price:$139.00
Sale price:$119.95
Pointer Plus LT Stimulator
Regular price:$99.00
Sale price:$87.00
Electro-Acupuncture Unit Model ITO-ES-130
Regular price:$290.00
Sale price:$275.00
AWQ-104L Point Locator and Stimulator
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Sale price:$235.00
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Regular price:$239.00
Sale price:$219.00
ITO ES-160 Six Output Locator & Stimulator
Regular price:$825.00
Sale price:$759.00
Point-Mate® Acu-Locator®
Regular price:$75.00
Sale price:$39.00
Pointer-Pal Point Locator
Regular price:$75.00
Sale price:$64.00
Digital Electronic Acupunctoscope
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HAN Digital Electronic Acupunctoscope
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Pointer Pulse™ Stim Plus Laser
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Sale price:$237.00
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