Balance Oil - 180 Softgels by BodyBio

Balance Oil - 180 Softgels by BodyBio

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Balance Oil (Omega 6 + 3) - 180 Softgels by BodyBio

BodyBio Balance Oil is the perfect blend of the essential fatty acids, omega-6, and omega-3 to give the brain a boost, improve digestive health, support immunity, liver function, and cardiovascular activity. *

In general, we consume too much omega-6 in our diets, and not enough omega-3, but, the truth is, we need both linoleic acid and linolenic acid for optimal health and for the development of our body's inflammatory response. Creating a balanced ratio, and ensuring the oils remain in their pure state is key.

Why BodyBio Balance Oil?

Our brains are 60% fat so ensuring that weメre getting healthy fats is critical to brain and body function. Our one-of-a-kind Balance Oil is uniquely formulated with healthy fats our bodies cannot make on their own, omega-6 & omega-3, in a ratio which studies suggest is optimal for maximum benefits.*

Most oils are heated and processed, rendering them toxic and inflammatory. We use low temperature, expeller-pressed technology to protect the delicate alpha-linolenic acid (organic flaxseed) and linoleic acid (organic, unrefined safflower). This process guarantees the highest quality nutrients can be easily absorbed in the body. These essential nutrients play critical roles in multiple biological processes, including regulating the structure and function of cell membranes, intracellular signaling, and gene expression.*

BodyBio Balance Oil contains:

  • Low temperature expeller-pressed unrefined safflower and flaxseed oils

  • Non-GMO and organic

  • No additives, preservatives, bleaching agents, deodorants, or hexane extraction

  • Contains 0g trans fatty acids

    Benefits may include:

  • Healthy Heart*
  • Brain Function*
  • Immune Health*
  • Healthy Inflammatory Response*
  • Enhanced Cellular Functioning*

    I heard we should avoid Omega 6メs

    Oxidized Omega 6's found in heated oils are not good for you. Our products use an unrefined, non-oxidized Omega 6 from Safflower Oil which contains essential fatty acids pivotal to the health of our mitochondria and our muscular function. Unfortunately, most Omega 6 sources are now limited in the USA due to the introduction of hybrid oils that are high oleic. Ours is naturally high linoleic. The most concentrated source of linoleic acid is in whole organic raw seeds like sunflower, chia and pumpkin seeds. Omega 6 fatty acids evolve into Prostaglandin 1 series (from linoleic to gamma linolenic to dihomogammalinoleic into PG1, a powerful anti-inflammatory Prostaglandin) and Arachidonic into PG2 which overall turns on responses and is one kind of inflammatory response. Arachidonic acid is an essential fatty acid. We must consume it, we cannot synthesize it.

    Why should BodyBio Balance Oil to be taken with protein?

    The cell membrane is a 50/50 combination of lipids & proteins. Mixing Balance Oil with protein protects the sensitive oils & is a good way to try to reproduce the natural structure of foods.

    Are there any side effects from taking Balance Oil?

    No side effects have been reported to us.
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