Four-Way Clavicle Strap #1594

Four-Way Clavicle Strap #1594

This item is currently on a manufacturers back-order !
The Scott Four-Way Clavicle Strap is a simple device that goes around your shoulders and chest, to keep you sitting with perfect posture all day long. It can be worn under any shirt, and you canメt even tell itメs there.

How does the Scott Four-Way Clavicle Strap work?

Wearing the back brace not only keeps you sitting in perfect posture, but it actually keeps you sitting and standing in perfect posture even after you take it off! It does this by developing muscle memory over time, meaning youメll naturally stand with perfect posture without even realizing it.

Strap of orthopedic polyester felt covered with stockinette. Closure in back using D-ring and pressure-sensitive hook and loop over felt pad.

FOR SIZING: (Measure from center back, up over shoulder, around underneath arm, and back to center of back)
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