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Austin Medical

Incrediwear was created to improve the lives of our customers through the use of our products. Incrediwear manufacturers three different types of products, the Incredisock, the Incredibrace and the Incredisocks for Increased Circulation.

Incrediwear Products Available:
  • Circulation Incredisocks - Ankle
  • Circulation Incredisocks - Crew
  • Elbow/Shin Brace
  • Knee Brace
  • Ankle Brace
  • Low Back Brace
  • Wrist Sleeve
  • Men's and Women's Dress Socks
  • Above & Below Ankle Socks
  • Avalanche and Trek Crew Socks
  • Incrediwear Bandage Wrap

    Using our Anion technology to increase blood flow and oxygenation, we increase athletic performance, reduce recovery time, accelerate injury recovery and improve blood flow to extremity ailments.

    Incredibraces have the active ingredients added to the inside of the brace to significantly enhance comfort and mobility, outcomes that occur due to increased blood flow and delivery of Oxygen.
    Pain Relief In Minutes