Instructions for The Proper Use Of Electrodes

Instructions for The Proper Use Of Electrodes

Instructions For The Proper Use Of Electrodes

Self-Adhering / Reusable / Non-Drying Neuromuscular Stimulation Electrodes for the use With TENS or EMS units

Instructions for Application:

  1. Handle the package carefully when opening to insure that the electrodes are not damaged.
  2. Thoroughly cleanse the application site to remove dirt, lotion, etc. Dry application site completely. Apply only to unbroken skin.
  3. Remove the electrodes from the package saving the bag and liner for storage.
  4. Apply electrodes to the treatment site by firmly pressing down the center of the pad and then smoothing the electrodes from the center to the edges.
  5. With the unit turned off, insert the lead wires into the electrodes.

Instructions for Removal and Storage:

  1. Once treatment is completed, turn the unit off.
  2. Disconnect the lead wires from the electrodes.
  3. Peel the electrodes gently from the skin. NEVER pull on the lead wires.
  4. Replace the electrodes on the liner card and store them in the lock-seal bag at room temperature.
  5. The number of uses depends upon gentleness of handling, cleanliness of the skin, length of time between uses, proper storage and age of the electrodes.
  6. To prolong the life of your electrodes and renew their adhesive properties, spread a few drops of water over the entire sticky surface with your fingertip prior to each use. Allow 30 seconds drying time before applying to the application site.


The electrodes should be replaced when they fail to regain their adhesive quality or the stimulation intensity changes.

Discontinue use if any irritation develops or adverse effects occur.

Save this instruction sheet for future reference

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