LactationBlend 60 caps by Vitanica

LactationBlend 60 caps by Vitanica

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LactationBlend 60 caps

One of the most complete, natural breastfeeding support formulas featuring time honored herbs and researched ingredients.

Featured Ingredients:

  • Every single ingredient in Lactation Blend lends supportive function towards milk flow, as well as secondary and tertiary supportive functions for the mother and/or nursing infant
  • Digestion support for both mother and baby comes from Fennel and Milk thistle; Milk thistle also supports the liver for mother and baby
  • Enrichment of the milk with nutrient dense Nettles and Raspberry
  • Calming support for both mother and baby from Hops and Oatstraw
  • Time honored herbs supporting lactation: Fenugreek, Vervain
  • Chaste tree berry promotes milk production, especially after the first two weeks of supplementation

    Promotes milk flow with supportive botanicals. This formula features herbs with centuries of experience from midwives as well as modern clinical research results
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