Liposomal Immunity C + Zinc by BodyBio

Liposomal Immunity C + Zinc by BodyBio

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Liposomal Immunity C + Zinc by BodyBio

It's all about better bioavailability - when combining our Vitamin C Crystals and Zinc with BodyBio PC, the PC encapsulates these key nutrients into a liposome for improved cellular delivery into the body.

Liposomes are tiny bubbles that shuttle valuable materials from your cells to targeted areas of the body; and sometimes, from supplements to your cells. Our PC is the same material as your cells so anything you mix with it, will be absorbed into the cell. The result is better bioavailability of the key nutrients to be delivered to the body.

Included in the bundle:

  • 4oz Liquid BodyBio PC
  • 2oz Zinc Liquid Minerals
  • Vitamin C Crystals

    How to make your Liposomal C + Zinc shot:

  • 1 tsp PC Liquid
  • ᄐ tsp of Vit C Crystals
  • ᄑ cup H20
  • 7 drops of Zinc
  • Blend together until all the PC is dissolved. Mixture should be maple brown in color with a gel-like consistency.
  • Drink immediately!

    Your body can only absorb so much Vitamin C and much of it is lost in digestion. When encapsulated in a liposome with the help of BodyBio PC, the nutrients pass through digestion and increase the circulation of Vitamin C in the bloodstream to improve cellular delivery. We then add zinc to modulate immunity*. Zinc inhibits the replication of viral DNA, causing oxidative stress in infected cells and eventual cell death

    About BodyBio Vitamin C Crystals

    Vitamin C is water-soluble so your body cant store any excess which is why so you want to take it a few times daily. BodyBio Vitamin C is sourced from Scotland and is non-GMO. The role of vitamin C in the body is truly incredible - it supports cellular functions and given the global pandemic most importantly, it improves immunity and susceptibility to infections. It is also clinically proven to improve mood ☺

    Normal plasma vitamin C levels hover around 0.3 mg per deciliter. Above 1.4 mg / dL, excretion increases. Absorption of oral doses is inverse to intake--the more you take, the less you absorb, making several smaller liposomal doses a day a much more efficient delivery system, bypassing normal digestion.

    About BodyBio Liquid Zinc

    Besides supporting immunity and being a minor antioxidant, zinc helps the gut to absorb nutrients from food. Liquefied zinc:

  • Bypasses absorption problems
  • Passes into circulation faster than tabs or caps
  • Offers a therapeutic dose at less cost than pills
  • Is not as cumbersome when divided doses are required throughout the day
  • Has no need for breakdown from a chelate
  • Is easier for a child to swallow
  • Offers the option for a high dose in a small volume...easier to swallow
  • Contacts stomach acid faster and easier than a pill
  • Doses are easy to need to slice a pill or open a capsule
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