Magnetic Facials

Magnetic Facials
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"How To Have Younger Looking Skin Starting In Just 7 Days"

Now you can have a younger looking skin....starting in just one week.

  • How you can smooth fine lines and tighten your skin
  • It's the rage in anti-aging health spas
  • How does facial magnetic therapy work
  • Just 30 minutes a day
  • Magnetic Therapy "Maps"
  • "The Jaw Chisler:
  • "The Furrow Smoother"
  • "The A.M. Bag Buster"
  • "The parentheses Eraser"
  • "Eye Smoother"
  • Article in First for women
  • Explanation by William Pawluk, M.D.
  • Non-Surgical Facial Tonification
  • What is Gauss?
  • What are the things that are harmful to the skin?
  • Why are Natural Vitamin Supplements Important
  • What are some of the complimentary products for a non-surgical face lift.
  • Face Lift Package

    Ear Pellets For Magnetic Therapy

    Application of Facial Magnets:

  • 1. Cleanse the face before applying the Facial Magnets

  • 2. Make sure your face is completely dry before taping the magnets to your selected "Maps" .

  • 3. Use a tweezer to remove the magnetic pellets from the magnetic pellet holder.

  • 4. Using your fingers, place the magnetic facial pellets to the desired "Facial Therapy Maps"

  • 5. Press the magnetic pellet firmly in place.

  • 6. The pellet should remain in place for "30 minutes."

  • 7. If you want to reuse the magnetic pellet ( pellets can be reused for up to three applications if properly replaced on the pellet pad ) carefully remove the magnetic pellet and with a tweezer place the pellet back on the pellet pad.

  • 8. You will "start" to notice a change in about 7 days.

  • 9. In 30 days the process of diminishing your wrinkles will be well under way.

  • 10. To obtain maximum results may take time. Once you feel you have reached your goal give yourself a facial tuneup once a week to maintain desired results

  • The impact of aging, which happens to all of us, can be reduced by the use of magnets.

  • Many people experience a "natural face lift" by achieving a younger look.

  • By placing magnets on specific "maps", the blood circulation in the face increases, facial color increases as well as muscle tone.

  • This will promote a healthy youthful glow.

    How Long Will It Take To Notice My Results?

    Just 30 minutes of using facial magnet therapy will make you feel fresher and you will notice a lessening of the lines in your face, it is really magical and long lasting.

    After 7 days you will start to notice a difference and after 3 weeks, the rejuvenation process will be well under way.

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