MIGRASHIELD (30) by DaVinci Labs

MIGRASHIELD (30) by DaVinci Labs

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MIGRASHIELD (30) by DaVinci Labs

Little DaVinciメs migrashieldcontains butterbur (Petasites hybridus) which supports the tone of blood vessels in the head.* When your child has healthy blood flow, it causes cranial relaxation. That makes for a healthy, happy head. Butterbur doesnメt just improve blood flow in the head, it also promotes a healthy inflammatory response, which leads to a more comfortable and healthy head.*

Occasional head discomfort gets in the way of the fun things in life. It might be discomfort of one or both sides of the head, sensitivity to light or sound, or a throbbing sensation. If your childメs head isnメt healthy and happy, it can keep them from doing well in school.

It holds them back from social and sporting events that they love. More importantly, you hate to see your little one suffer this way. But there is something you can do to help. Blood Vessel Tone Is the Key to Kidsメ Comfort*

Well-Researched and Suitable for Children* There are a lot of studies showing butterbur works. Plus, the patientsメ well-being improved and the butterbur was found to be suitable for kids.*

Migrashield* is recommended for:
  • Supporting cranial comfort*
  • Maintaining pliable blood vessels and healthy blood flow in the head*
  • Healthy inflammatory response*
  • Seasonal respiratory support*

    Soothe your childメs head and respiratory tract with Little DaVinciメs migrashield*.

    Supplement Facts Serving Size 1 ml (5 Sprays)

  • Total Carbohydrates <1 g
  • Butterbur (Petasites hybridus)
  • Whole Herb Extract (Pyrrolizidine alkaloids Free) 50 mg Yielding Petasins 7.5 mg

    Other Ingredients:
  • glycerin, water, natural flavors, malic acid, citric acid, rosmarinic acid. Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, hold nozzle 1ヤ from mouth, spray five times and swallow. Use once daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Shake well before each use.
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