Mobility 3 - 270 capsules by Health Concerns

Mobility 3 - 270 capsules by Health Concerns

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Mobility 3 270 capsules by Health Concerns

Chinese Therapeutic Actions: Tonify and Invigorate Blood, Dispel ColdWindDampness

Serving Size: 3 Capsule- Servings Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving Proprietary Herbal Blend: 2250 mg

  • Kirin Ginseng root
  • Cinnamon Twig
  • Rehmannia root (cooked)
  • Ho-shou-wu root
  • Loranthus stem
  • Tang-kuei root
  • Cistanche salsa herb
  • Ardisia Gigantifolia root
  • Chiang-huo rhizome
  • Angelica pubescens root
  • Tienchi root
  • Spatholobus stem
  • Tinospora root
  • Chaenomelis fruit
  • Achyranthes root
  • Ginger root

    Suggested Use: Three capsules, three times per day between meals.

  • Treats physical discomfort due to exposure to wind, cold, or dampness. Symptoms include headache, numbness, pain, malaise, fatigue, and the like
  • Treats arthritis and muscle pain that worsens in cold damp weather
  • This formula is particularly suitable for persons over 30 years of age

  • Chinese Therapeutic Effects
  • Tonifies the blood
  • Invigorates the blood
  • Dispels cold, wind, dampness
  • Relieves joint pain

    Contraindication: Should not be used to treat symptoms due to common cold or flu
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