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Nubax Trio

Nubax Trio
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Product Description:

Inversion helps your body to recover from the compression effects of gravity and daily activities. It stimulates circulation of blood to relieve stiff and painful muscles, increases body flexibility, clears muscle congestion, and increases physical and mental energy. Inversion is used to treat many conditions of the spine.

The Nubax technology is simple, yet so effective. This new and advanced spinal decompression device has distinct advantages over its more dated competitiors,, delivering superior results.

  • Nubax Trio is clinically tested
  • NO hanging upside down
  • Nubax Trio can be used anywhere, anytime
  • Users of the Nubax Trio can safely extricate themselves at anytime while using the unit
  • The Nubax Trio is far superior in regards to user comfort
  • Portable, compact and easy to store
  • There is no pressure placed on ankles and knees
  • The Nubax Trio holds the spine in completely neutral position
  • The shoulders and the hips are held square to the spine so that the traction is safely applied without the risk of additional injury