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How many times have you been petting your dog or cat and been left with clumps of hair on your clothes and furniture. Shedding is something all pet owners have to deal with, but with the PetProVite Pet Glove, shedding goes from being a problem to being a joy.

Your cat or dog loves being petted far more than being brushed and the pet shedding glove lets you do both. Simply, pet your pooch or feline friend and watch as the glove collects the shed hair like a magnet. There are many gloves for cat shedding, but there’s only one PetProVite Pet Glove and it’s suitable for bathing too.

When giving your pet a bath, use the pet grooming glove to help remove all the excess hair that otherwise would just sit and soak until dry or when your dog shakes and everything flies.  Your pet gets a soothing massage and you get keep your furniture free of hair clumps. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

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Pet Glove - Pet PROVites

  • Excellent For Washing Your Pet

  • Works Well For Pet Deshedding And Hair Grooming

  • Pets Prefer To Be Petted Than Brushed

  • Your Pet Will Adore This Massaging Glove

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