Pipe Cleaner 1 oz Gentle Warrior by KAN Herbs

Pipe Cleaner 1 oz Gentle Warrior by KAN Herbs

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Gentle Warrior Pipe Cleaner 1 oz

Gentle Warriors wants children to be sturdy, safe and healthy so that they can be resilient, energetic, cheerful and engaged. By supporting them, we increase their capacity to adapt to challenges.

Gentle Warriors includes 16 herbal formulas − 11 general formulas and 5 Peacemakers formulas. All are mild tasting, low-alcohol, liquid extracts that are easy for children to swallow. Adults can and do benefit from them as well.

The Gentle Warriors formulas support the welfare of children, addressing many of the most common childhood disharmonies. The Gentle Warriors Peacemakers are constitutional formulas that nurture a childメs nature (Li), each childメs intrinsic organizing pattern.

  • Honeysuckle flower
  • Mume fruit
  • Purple aster root (honey fried)
  • Schisandra fruit
  • Fluorite
  • Gambir stem branch and twig
  • Earthworm
  • Perilla seed
  • Platycodon root
  • Lepidium seed
  • Radish seed
  • Chinese licorice root
  • Jin yin hua
  • Wu mei
  • Zhi zi wan
  • Wu wei zi
  • Zi shi ying
  • Gou teng (shuang)
  • Di long
  • Zi su zi
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