Riboflavin, B-2 60 C by Douglas Labs

Riboflavin, B-2 by Douglas Labs

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Riboflavin, supplied by Douglas Laboratories, provides 100 mg of riboflavin in each capsule.

As co-enzymes, the B vitamins are essential components in most major metabolic reactions. They play an important role in energy production, including the metabolism of lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins. B vitamins are also important for blood cells, hormones, and nervous system function. As water-soluble substances, B vitamins are not generally stored in the body in any appreciable amounts (with the exception of vitamin B-12). Therefore, the body needs an adequate supply of B vitamins on a daily basis. Riboflavin is an essential coenzyme in energy production. It is a component of the coenzymes FAD and FMN, which are intermediates in many redox reactions, including energy production and cellular respiration reactions

Riboflavin may be a useful dietary adjunct for individuals wishing to supplement with this vitamin.

FORMULA (#81702)
Serving Size 1 Capsule - Servings per Container 60
1 Capsule contains:
  • Riboflavin ..................................... 100 mg
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