Now Spray your vitamins! Austin Medical Equipment is now offering the full line of VITAMIST Spray Vitamins. No hard-to-swallow pills, no upset stomach. As easy and convenient as can be and according to the "Physicians' Desk Reference", oral spray absorption rate of 90% is nine times greater than pills. Absorption is almost instantaneous through the lining of the mouth and because VITAMIST is almost 90% absorbable, considerably smaller, measured and controlled doses are required in comparison to conventional pills. VITAMIST fits in your pocket or purse - goes anywhere with you! No more "PEAKS and VALLEYS". The following are just a few of the many Oral Spray Vitamins available. Contact us via e-mail for a complete listing of just what is available. Choose from over 40 different Oral Spray Vitamin formulas. Anti-oxident, B12, Blue/Green Sea Spray, Cardio Care, Collodial minerals, E Plus Selenium, Athletic Performance/Endurance Sprays, Folacin, Herbal Re-leaf, Pre-natal, Pine Bark, Grape Seed, Slender Mist, Stress, Vitaminophen, Ex.O, Shape-up, Vita-Feline, Vita-Canine and Dog Ease.
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