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Vinco Acupuncture Needles

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Available Acupuncture Needle Sizes:
  • Available in 0.16mm to 0.35mm needle body diameter Equivalent to:
  • Chinese Acupuncture Needle Gauge: #40 to #28
  • Japanese Acupunture Needle Gauge: 1 to 10
  • Korean Acupuncture Needle Gauge: 1 to 10

  • Acupuncture needle lengths from 13mm (0.5") to 125mm (3.0").

    Key Features:
  • LIFTed™ acupuncture needle body that offers maximum patient comfort.
  • Vacuum-melt, high-tensile stainless steel acupuncture needle body.
  • Light-weight aluminum alloy spring acupuncture handle.
  • Innovative and patented package for quick acupuncture needle access.
  • SkinSaver guide tube reduces scratching of the patient's skin.
  • FingerSaver™ packet has rounded edges to eliminate pricks to your fingers.
  • Consistently sharp acupuncture needle tip profile.
  • Smaller guide tube for precise insertion of acupuncture needle.
  • Color-coded box and packet for easier size identification.

  • General acupuncture treatment
  • Quick acupuncture needle access
  • Detoxification treatment
  • When concerned about silicone coating
  • Vinco EZY-20 Pack Acupuncture Needles - 200 Pack
    Regular price:$15.00
    Sale price:$12.99
    Vinco Acupuncture Needles - Cluster Pack 500 Needles
    Regular price:$26.00
    Sale price:$22.95
    VINCO EZY-10 Pack Acupuncture Needles
    Regular price:$7.99
    Sale price:$6.99
    VINCO ND: Detox in Q-Pack
    Regular price:$54.00
    Sale price:$49.95
    VINCO NQ1: TL-Pack Acupuncture Needles
    Regular price:$7.50
    Sale price:$6.45