Adapt By Interplexus

Adapt By Interplexus

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Adapt by InterPlexus

Adaptル supports a healthy and balanced response to stress.

Supplementation with Adapt:
  • Supports healthy cortisol production*
  • Improves adaptability to stress*
  • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar regulation*
  • Calms occasional anxiety*
  • Protects neurons from stress-induced damage*

    Adapt provides targeted B-vitamins, including high-dose pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) and biotin, bioavailable minerals, and organic herbal extracts to support healthy adrenal function and a balanced response to stress.

    Vitamin B5 supports cortisol production and the acute stress response, while Zinc and the organic herbal extracts in Adapt help modulate cortisol release in response to stress.

    Biotin may also improve blood sugar control, which can be an important factor in balancing cortisol levels.
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