Chattanooga Intelect

Chattanooga Intelect Legend Xt
Intelect is a name the clinical rehabilitation community has relied on for over two decades. Well known for its exceptional performance, continual quality, low cost and ease of use, Intelect has evolved to an exceptional new award winning design and function. The new Intelect Legend XT is a clean modular design available in two or four channel electrotherapy or combination electrotherapy ultrasound systems.

Chattanooga Intelect Transport Units
These units provide an innovative case design with a logical control system and a large, easy to read graphical LCD display. User defined protocols are another great feature to customize any ultrasound application or electrotherapy treatment to your specific needs. The new, repositional base allows the Transport Ultrasound or Transport Electrotherapy to be configured for desktop, wall mount or mobile use.
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