Amrex Flextrode Pads & Flextrode Covers

Flexible Electrodes Amrex® has developed the Flextrode Hygienic Electrode System to provide patients a personal hygienic application of electrodes with each treatment. Use the convenient pull tab on the Flextrode disposable cloth cover to remove it from the sheet, affix it to the conductive side of the Flextrode pad electrode and apply a conductive spray or gel. When treatment is complete, with the Amrex Flextrode System, you dispose of a single, inexpensive, protective cloth cover rather than an entire stained electrode sponge. With a new disposable cloth cover in place you are ready to make a sanitary, fresh start. In addition to a higher level of hygienic protection for the patient, the Amrex Flextrode Hygienic Electrode System provides noted improvement of conductivity over other electrode systems. The use of a conductive spray or gel avoids the problem of "dry out", providing a better coupling action and improved conductivity.
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