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Chiropractic, Massage and Physical Therapy Professional Tables

Austin Medical Equipment offers a complete line of Professional Tables including adjusting tables, elevating tables, treatment tables, massage tables, bench tables, examination tables and mat tables, for today's Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist, Medical Doctor, Hospital or Clinics.

For chiropractors and other professions, their patient table is one of the most important tools of the trade. There are so many types out there from flexion, intersegmental tables, drop tables, hi-lo tables, stationary tables and more that the perfect table for any situation is out there. AME has provided professional tables for decades and we understand the flexibility needed.

Welcome to Our Extensive Professional Tables Collection

Welcome to the chiropractic tables category of Our curated selection showcases an exceptional variety of chiropractic tables, each carefully designed to meet the diverse needs of chiropractic professionals and their patients. With every professional table in our collection, we bring you the perfect blend of functionality, adaptability, and durability. As you explore our range, you'll find professional tables from renowned manufacturers, including Elite Tables and Pivotal Health Solutions, guaranteeing the highest quality and performance standards.

What are some types of Professional Tables?

Drop Table

Drop Table

Drop tables have separate segments that can allow parts of the body such as the neck, upper back, lower back, and pelvis to drop with a gentle pressure during adjustments. This technique applies less force which makes it easier on patient's bodies.

Flexion Distraction Table

Flexion Distraction Table

Flexion Distraction tables are perfect for relieving pressure near the spine by allowing the Practitioner to adjust the patient by moving parts of the table. This is a non-surgical approach to treating bulging disc pain and chronic back pain.

Elevation Table

Elevation Table

Elevation tables come in both manual and powered versions (controlled by a foot switch), both of which allow the height to be adjusted. This puts less strain on Practitioner and is a must-have for those seeing many patients each day.

Stationary Tables

Stationary Tables

Stationary tables are a traditional staple that are very low maintenance. They are much more affordable that techniologically advanced tables. This type of entry-level table with minimal bells and whistles is still very accomodating.



Hylo or high-low tables are highly sought after for their ability to make managing limited mobility patients a breeze. They are adjustable in both height and vertical positioning. This is a great way to treat patients that can't lie down.

Intersegmental Roller Top Tables

Intersegmental Roller Top Tables

Intersegmental Roller Top Tables work on improving range of motion in the spine using gentle pressure. This also helps to move cerebrospinal fluid and improve blood flow which can relieve pain. Your patients will be relaxed and comfortable.

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Professional Tables You Can Trust

Our Commitment to Health

As a trusted provider in the medical equipment field, we understand the crucial role professional tables play in enhancing patient comfort and improving treatment effectiveness. Our commitment to promoting health has led us to source a comprehensive array of professional tables to suit various patient needs and treatment methodologies. This dedication reflects in the diversity of our product range.

Experience Unparalleled Flexibility with Our Professional Tables

Our professional tables are more than just equipment; they facilitate a broad spectrum of treatment methods. Features such as variable elevation height, multi-directional headpieces, and elevating pelvic and lumbar sections come standard with our tables, providing the flexibility you need in your practice. Whether you're performing a routine spinal adjustment or a specialized therapeutic procedure, these features ensure our professional tables deliver the control and adaptability required for diverse treatment protocols.

Professional Tables Multiple Options
Professional High Lo Elevation Table

The Convenience of Elevation on Professional Tables

When you browse through our category, you'll find several high-low elevation chiropractic tables. The Elite Tables, for instance, come equipped with foot switch-controlled variable elevation heights. This feature adds a layer of convenience for practitioner s, enabling them to adjust the table height seamlessly, ensuring maximum comfort during treatments.

Professional High Lo Elevation Table

Versatility with Elevating Sections

One critical element that distinguishes our professional tables is the presence of elevated sections. Most of our tables have elevating pelvic and lumbar sections that can tilt upward to 15 degrees. This feature enables chiropractors to manipulate the table to fit their treatment approach, adding versatility to their practice.

Experience Comfortable Working Position with our Electric Elevation Professional Tables

Our electric elevation professional tables are designed with a focus on ergonomics. For instance, the Elite Electric Elevation Table is designed to adjust to a comfortable working position with a foot switch-controlled motorized elevation. This table also offers an upgrade to increase the elevation range by an additional two inches, making it even more adaptable to various working heights.

Professional Table With Elevating Sections

Pump-Controlled Elevation Professional Tables for Precision

We offer pump-controlled elevation professional tables for practitioners who prefer precise control over the table height. These tables feature a superior foot pump elevation design, where one complete pump raises the table by half an inch. This feature allows chiropractors to adjust the table to the required height, enhancing precision during treatment.

Professional Table With Pump Controlled Elevating Sections
Adjustable Multi-Directional Professional Table Headpieces

The Advantage of Multi-Directional Headpieces

A multi-directional headpiece is another common feature across our professional tables. This crucial element allows practitioners to adjust the headpiece in tilt, elevation, and spread, adding flexibility to their procedures. The cervical headpiece on our professional tables can be raised to 6" above the cushions, ensuring enhanced patient comfort.

Enhanced Control with Adjustable Knee Break

An adjustable knee break is another crucial feature of our professional tables, which adjusts up to 20 degrees. With the ankle rest extension, this feature allows for better patient positioning, facilitating more effective treatment outcomes.

Professional Table With Adjustable Knee Break
Professional Flexion Distraction Table

Automatic and Manual Flexion Professional Tables

For professionals seeking advanced features, we offer professional tables with automatic and manual flexion capabilities. These state-of-the-art professional tables offer motorized flexion with digital control, variable degrees of flexion, and the ability to adjust the flexion speed finely. Such features make our flexion tables ideal for clinics seeking cutting-edge equipment.

Elite Manual Flexion Table - Tailored to Your Needs

Our Elite Manual Flexion tables are custom-built to suit your diverse techniques. They have various features, such as manual flexion, deep flexion depth, a pelvic cushion that can drop in different positions, and a removable flexion control handle for height adjustments. With these tables, you can tailor your treatment process to meet individual patient needs, enhancing treatment efficacy.

Professional Manual Flexion Distraction Table
Chiropractic Automatic Flexion Distraction Table

Experience Advanced Features with our Automatic Flexion Professional Tables

Regarding advanced functionalities, our automatic flexion professional tables stand out. With motorized deep flexion, electronic countdown timers, and finely adjustable flexion speeds, these tables allow chiropractors to deliver precise and effective treatments. Their unique axial rotation upgrade feature allows them to be locked in any position, providing a user-friendly locking handle.

Stationary Drop Professional Tables

Our stationary drop chiropractic tables, like the ones from Elite Tables, are a testament to durability and dependability. These tables come with a host of standard features, such as a wide table surface, multi-directional headpiece, and elevated sections, to name a few. Stationary tables are ideal for busy practices where robustness and reliability are crucial.

Professional Stationary Drop Table
Professional Portable Table

Portable Professional Tables for On-the-go Practice

Our product range covers both stationary chiropractic tables and portable professional tables. The EB Portable Professional Table arctic tables in our collection, like those from Elite Tables, are versatile in their functionality and robust in their design. Their sturdy welded steel construction ensures long-lasting performance, while their high-low design allows practitioners to adjust the table height for maximum patient comfort.

Convenient Portability with Basic Pro Portable Adjusting Table

We offer the Basic Pro Portable Adjusting Table for practitioners seeking a blend of portability and functionality. Despite being beautifully portable, this chiropractic table is sturdy enough to withstand the requirements of demanding use. It features thoracic and pelvic drops, an adjustable headpiece, and a height range of 18.5" - 22.4", ensuring chiropractors have the functionalities they need while moving.

Chiropractic Portable Pro Table
Chiropractic Enhanced Practice Team

Enhancing Your Professional Practice with Our Diverse Table Selection

Our extensive selection of chiropractic tables is designed to meet your unique needs. Whether you're a solo practitioner, a multi-disciplinary clinic, or a large health facility, our range has something to offer everyone. With these tables, we aim to enhance your practice and, in turn, improve your patients' lives. We invite you to explore our professional tables category and find the perfect fit for your practice.

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