Electrodes-Self-Adhering, Carbon Pads, Selectrode Electrodes

Selectrodes are the finest Reusable Self-Adhering Electrodes available today! For use with all types of electrical stimulators, interferentials, TENS units, Low Volt and High Volt. Electrodes need to be dependable and be able to provide the correct amount of charge without excessive resistance. They also need to adhere well and not disengage in the middle of a procedure. The proper electrode could mean the difference between a successful pain treatment or a disappointing failure. Selectrodes are an industry leader and trusted in hospitals and doctor's offices throughout the United States.They are perfect for physical therapy and pain management. These exceptional self-adhering reusable electrodes can be used over and over again. They are available in a wide variety of sizes. FREE Shipping on all Self-Stick Electrodes
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