Whirlpools - Hi-Boys by Whitehall

Whitehall's Hi-Boy Whirlpools, as the name would indicate, feature deeper tanks. These units are readily divisible into two categories.
  • The 60 and 75 gallon tanks offer treatment capabilities of upper extremities and complete coverage of the lower extremities including the lower back and hip.
  • The 90 and 105 gallon tanks offer complete coverage of extremities as well as the entire back and shoulder area.
  • Whirlpools are shipped by truck/tail gate delivery. RESIDENTIAL, CONSTRUCTION SITE, SCHOOL SITE, LIMITED ACCESS, LIFTGATE, INSIDE DELIVERY ARE EXTRA - contact us for freight charges.
  • HI-BOY WHIRLPOOLS It’s in the name! Hi-Boy Whirlpools feature taller sides in order to offer rehabilitative hydrotherapy for injuries to the back, hip, and shoulder areas.
  • Provides Rehabilitative Flexibility Hi-Boy whirlpools can accommodate full-body immersion for difficult-to-reach injuries, but they can also be paired with an Adjustable Suspension Seat or Tank Top Seat to comfortably treat the lower extremities as well.
  • Hi-Boy Whirlpools can also be converted into ice baths for cold therapy simply by removing the turbine assembly!
  • Usage: Back, Hip, and Shoulders
    Whirlpool Benefits
  • Mobile
  • Saves time – No special plumbing connection required
  • Use anywhere – Reversing turbines (standard) used to pump used water out of tank and into available sink/drain
  • Convenient – Can be easily moved
  • Smooth transport – Features heavy-duty locking casters
  • Stationary
  • Uses permanent plumbing connection
  • Offers direct connection to drain and water supply
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