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Whirlpools - Hi- Boys

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Whitehall's Hi-Boy Whirlpools, as the name would indicate, feature deeper tanks. These units are readily divisible into two catagories. The 60 and 75 gallon tanks offer treatment capabilites of upper extremities and complete coverage of the lower extremtites including the lower back and hip.

The 90 and 105 gallon tanks offer complete coverage of extremities as well as the entire back and shoulder area.

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Whirlpools are shipped by truck/tail gate delivery.
Excludes Full Body Immersion Tanks.
Whirlpool Hi-Boy Model H-60-M
Regular price:$6,056.00
Sale price:$4,999.00
Whirlpool Hi-Boy Model H-60-S
Regular price:$5,146.00
Sale price:$4,154.00
Whirlpool Hi-Boy Model H-75-M
Regular price:$5,048.00
Sale price:$4,252.00
Whirlpool Hi-Boy Model H-75-S
Regular price:$6,240.00
Sale price:$5,011.00
Whirlpool Hi-Boy Model H-90-M
Regular price:$5,848.00
Sale price:$4,853.00
Whirlpool Hi-Boy Model H-90-S
Regular price:$6,415.00
Sale price:$5,255.00
Whirlpool Hi-Boy Model H-105-M
Regular price:$5,853.00
Sale price:$4,856.00
Whirlpool Hi-Boy Model H-105-S
Regular price:$6,503.00
Sale price:$5,213.00