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Trust Austin Medical for Quality Magnets

Everyone wants to feel better, relieve pain and support their body's health in the least intrusive way possible. Our selection of magnets, acu-magnets, pellets and cutaneous apparatuses. Austin Medical has everything you need.

We now offer a large variety of magnets including items such as magnetic LS supports, wrist, elbow, knee, leg, head, foot, and neck magnet wraps, shoulder magnet wraps, insoles with magnets, cushions with magnets, mattress pads with magnets and much more; all priced at wholesale pricing.

Magnets Have Many Benefits

Don't want to spend money on a professional facelift or are worried about the pain of surgery?
Try our magnetic facials and get younger looking skin in no time. It's a natural way to lift and tighten your skin.

Do you want an all natural way to drop 10 years off your face, then try some of our magnetic facials.
Nearly every aspect of the body has a magnetic counterpart to help with aches and pains. We have magnetic elbow supports, magnetic wrist supports, magnetic back supports and much more.

Can't get a good night's sleep?
Try magnetic cushions and magnetic mattress pads.

Cupping is all the rage and our Acu-Point Cupping Set with Magnets is all you need to start feeling the relaxation and improved health of this ancient technique.

We are here to help!

For additional information on magnets you can e-mail us at, call us TOLL FREE at 1-800-382-0300 or FAX you request to 1-800-422-0515.

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