Alcohol Dispensers, Bio-Hazard Containers & Sharps Disposals

Bio-hazard Containers

When you're working with acupuncture needles, you need a proper way to dispose of them. Austin Medical has a selection of bio-hazard containers to fit your business needs. If you're a small business, then you may not need a large bio hazard container. We have several sizes from pint to gallon tubes. The proper disposal of acupuncture needles and other materials is important for your and your patient's safety. Our bio-hazard containers are designed with the utmost care and durability. If you need a new container or are opening a new business and need bio-hazard containers, then check our selection.

Alcohol Dispensers

Our dispensers are specially designed to apply just the right amount of alcohol with a light pressure to the pump or you can choose a standard opening that dispenses alcohol perfectly to cotton balls. For those not wishing to deal with a bottle, we have alcohol prep pads that you can use and then simply throw away. Your patients deserve the best, so pick up a few of our alcohol dispensers today.

Sharps Disposals by Mail

Sharps Disposal By Mail The complete bio-hazard disposal system. Safe, simple, and easy to use - no chemicals are required. Avoid the time, expense, and contracts required by local disposal companies. SCI Sharps Disposal By Mail Systems include a Sharps bio-hazard container, a U.S. Mail postage pre-paid return box, a protective 3 ml red bag liner, complete instructions, and a 4-part simplified tracking form. The box is given to your local U.S. Mail Carrier or U.S. Post Office which is then mailed directly to the certified medical bio-hazard incinerator disposal site (in Texas). The cost of mailing and disposal, including a confirmation of destruction notice (mailed back to you), are all included in the price.
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