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by Akhil Jhaveri Amazing socks! I am an engineer and need to understand how a product works before really diving in with both feet (no pun intended). I got a pair of these incredisocks. In a word, they are incredible. I am wearing them right now! A little history: I have a neurological issue and my hands and feet are always cold. When I got the socks, I was skeptical. They looked like ordinary socks; albeit with unusual patterns at the ankle and arch. I put them on and quickly realized they were more snug fitting than standard athletic socks. The unusual banding (ankles and arch) added support and did it feel good! I walked around on them and it felt like I was getting a mini-shiatsu massage on my feet, you have to try it. Ah but the big question, did my feet get warm? Not right away. Turns out these are not magic socks. But after about ten minutes, I didn???t feel the chill to which I have grown accustomed. I actually felt warmth in my toes and the balls of my feet. Wow. All in all, these socks are as close to magic that I have found! My feet are warm and my engineering mind is satisfied with the performance! by Marc Paxton (Bountiful, UT) I tore a ligament in my foot over a year ago and it continued to bother me for the year after, even after it was technically "healed." I bought a pair of Incredisocks at a trade show in September, and after wearing them every few days for the past two months, my issues are completely relieved. by Michael I bought a pair of these for occasional hiking/camping trips up in the Tetons, but I've found that I'm often tempted to use them for just about anything because of their comfort (even during hot summer days!). The first time I put them on I had an "oh wow!" reaction. Then I handed them to my roommate to try and he said the same thing. They just feel good. The material is great quality and my feet have always stayed relatively dry when they should have been sweaty. It's also kind of exciting when someone asks "are those wool?" and I say "no, it's bamboo charcoal." My feet don't have any chronic pains to be resolved by these socks but it sure feels like they're keeping pains away. I recommend these to anyone (and I have been recommending them to friends and family). Eventually I'll probably end up buying several pairs. Thank you for an incredible product! by J.G. (CA) I received my first pair of dress socks this morning, and they are fantastic! After purchasing a pair of below ankle athletic socks for working out (which I love), I somehow managed to neglect my need for comfort in the workplace. When things are busy, it's easy to ignore the small aches and pains and discomfort one feels throughout the day. However, things have slowed down as of late and I began to notice just how much my left leg and foot were bothering me. A near constant, dull ache from just above my knee all the way down to the top of my foot has been bothering me for quite a while. So less than an hour ago, my Incredisocks arrived and I promptly put them on. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING - THE RELIEF WAS ALMOST INSTANTANEOUS! A warm, calming feeling quickly spread from my foot up to my knee. The best way to describe the sensation is to think of a heating pad set to low and wrapped around my shin and calf. I can feel the socks working as I type! These socks are truly amazing and I will soon be replacing my entire set of dress socks with Incredisocks! Thank you for an incredible product! by Don Chartrand Marketing Manager Nutter's Bulk and Natural Foods At the Vancouver CHFA tradeshow I had the great fortune of coming across a booth that had a display of socks and things and in discussion with the people at the booth I found out about the Incredisocks. Our rep told Wil that I was a diabetic and he asked me what socks I was wearing, I told him they were a diabetic sock, he asked me to try and experiment by wearing an Incredisock on one foot and my current sock on the other for a while. Well within the hour I had to switch to both feet wearing the Incredisock as it made my one foot feel so great. At the end of the long day of walking the tradeshow floor I went back to our hotel room, usually my feet are exhausted and very swollen from a long day on them. That day however my feet were definitely not the same, they felt pretty good , however my wife was totally flabbergasted at the look of my feet, they were not swollen in the least. We where both pretty amazed at how good my feet looked, the Incredisock really worked for me. Thanx I now wear Incredisocks everyday. by Scot T. Olson (Colonel, United States Army) Recently I tried a pair of Incredisocks in my combat boots. I was blown away with the comfort, fit, and function. The technology incorporated in this product truly sets it apart from all other brands. So superior are these socks that I quickly replaced every boot sock, athletic sock, and casual sock in my drawer. The good news is I now have the best socks available on my feet, and plenty of wash and buff rags for my truck and motorcycle. Thank you Incredisocks! by Eric Braschwitz The sore posterior tibaialis tendon I had for over 2 years finally healed after wearing the socks pretty much full time - it took about 4 months. I do believe the socks helped me turn the corner on this chronic injury. I have been running pain free (at least in that part of the body) for a couple months now. by Marilyn Hortense Issue for me was persistent numbness in toes - GONE COMPLETELY after few days of wear Any chance you might consider making gloves? The socks are wonderful, an aid to circulation. by Elaine Heveron (Rochester, NY) I discovered your amazing socks at the local co-op (Abundance) in Rochester, loved them, and ordered 6 more pair from Star Nutrition, in black and in white, crew and ankle; both very low--and great for Summer. But once Summer ends, these short socks will not do in colder weather! Why do you have a dress sock for men but not for women? I only see red hikking socks for a taller sock for women here. I would wear I ncredisocks every single day if you had more styles, mostly taller. I work from home, go for hour long walks daily, so I don't need real dressy, but love the cushiony heels, as I have heel pain. Who wouldn't want a cushiony anti-microbial, well-made sock you can wear for more than a day? I used to only wear Smartwools; now I only wear Incredisocks. Thank you for this amazing sock. by Judie Hawkins Hi....My husband has your incredible incredisocks and loves them. My sister in law has an incredibrace ( from her pain specialist for a compound fracture) on her knee. Her physical therapist can't believe the swelling has dimished so quickly! Do you make anything for wrists or hands? I sure could use a porduct like this to support the ligaments from my wrists to my thumbs. Thank you by Terť Ossim When I put on my first pair of red hiking socks, I swear my feet groaned in pleasure. I spent the first day on my feet working hard at a tradeshow. That night after flying home, I noticed that my feet were not swollen from the day and the flight. After I crawled into bed, I had a fleeting thought that perhaps I should get up and put my socks back on. This from a dedicated bare-footer who doesnít like socks or shoes! I continue to wear the socks everyday and look forward to adding to my collection. Thank you! by L. Jasper member of former world record holding 4x400m masters relay team I usually do not wear any socks when I race with spikes but decided to try wearing the Incredisocks. I raced Sunday and ran the mile, 800m and 3000m with the socks and spikes. GLAD I did! After each event my feet felt like if I had not run the race prior! Monday morning my feet were content to do a 5 miler even though my coach said I could take the day off. Thanks .... your socks will forever be attached to my spikes and running shoes! by Katherine Brown About me: Iím 35yrs old and I started running for exercise in April '09. I was a dancer, gymnast and cheerleader as a girl and Iíve had shin splints since my late teens. Since I began running in April, my shin splints have been acting up...not enough to make me give up running, but enough to be noticeable and bothersome. I run on average 12-16miles per week, both outdoors and on a treadmill. Also about me...I was VERY skeptical about 'incredisocks'. Iím pretty sure I actually rolled my eyes at Kevin when he was telling me about them (sorry!) :) But I said Iíd try them, figuring I didn't have anything to lose. Iím still not really sure how they work, only that they do. At first I thought I was just having a good week. And then one day, without realizing it, I forgot to wear them and ended up having a not so great run. My shin splints were again acting up, and I had an annoying pain in my right calf. When I got home, Kevin asked me if I had worn my socks (meaning the 'incredisocks')...I realized I had not. Wow! So from then on, I was sold. One more thing...I wear my 'incredisocks' every time I work out, so obviously they get washed and dried quite a bit. The quality of the material is great and they have held up amazingly well. I am absolutely a customer. by Micheal Goolkasian My name is Micheal Goolkasian, I am a serious runner, and you can google my name if you wish for a reference. I have run 139 marathons in 50 states and I am starting to run worldwide. I received my first pair of Incredisocks 3 weeks ago and I have not taken them off, not even once to wash them! They do not stink, as they absorb odor and kill bacteria. They are amazing! The make my feet feel great. In fact I am running a half marathon this Saturday and a full marathon on Sunday in Orlando Florida and I will wear the same sock! I have all of my running buddies wearing them and I am sending pairs to all of the presidents of the 50 marathon clubs around the world. This sock will revolutionize the sock industry! Itís not just a sock, itís a miracle. The socks make my feet feel alive and never fatigued! I want to sell them! by Anne B. (Martinez, CA) Incredisocks are the most comfortable socks I have every worn! My feet are no longer fatigued! by Matt C. (Seattle, WA) I love Incredisocks. I am constantly on my feet 8 to 10 hours per day and my feet kill me. You know that feeling when you finish work and take off your shoes and run your toes through soft carpet and then sit down and put your feet on a couch? Well, that is the feeling I get all day long since I have been wearing Incredisocks. All of my friends love them, too! by Derek Davis The Incredi-socks truly are the best socks I have ever worn. I am a pretty frugal guy but I would have no problem spending $15-$20 bucks for a pair. I canít stand to be bare foot so I always have socks on but my feet are sensitive to circulation. I am amazed that these socks are so much tighter then my normal socks but I never feel a lack of circulation. by Avril I first ordered my incredisocks, achilles brace and a knee brace about one month ago. The first time I went training with them on I noticed a difference. I had the knee brace on my "bad" knee and during the workout I noticed that my "good" knee felt worse than my "bad" knee!!!! The next day I called up and ordered a second brace so that I could feel the security and comfort in both knees. I do not work out without wearing all three braces and the socks. My knees even seem to be improving. My achilles had improved a great deal too. As for the socks they are wonderful at wicking away perspiration - very comfortable. by Christine Thank you so much for the socks! I wore them yesterday and my feet were pretty comfortable even on our cold floor because we have laminate on concrete which is cold when it is this cold outside. We have a two story house and no matter how much we turn on the heat it seems like it is always cold down stairs so they helped. I felt much warmer yesterday and I think it was because of the socks. My doctor diagnosed what is wrong with my hands and feet late last week and now that I tried the socks I am really interested in the gloves. Oh and they are really soft too, loved that. by Terť Ossim I recently went on a Southern Caribbean cruise in early October. Each day in port, we would head out to hike the town and environs. The temperature was brutal and the humidity just about knocked everyone down. Contrary to what seemed intuitive because of the extreme heat, I wore my red hiking socks and I was the only one who did not have hot sweaty feet and I definitely was able to enjoy myself much longer than the rest of the group! Thank you! by Dr. Brad Foster Bissell pro cycling team doctor These socks are amazing, hours on the bike and your feet usually are hot and tired, but not with Incredisocks, no numb toes, or foot fatigue I saw the studies, but had my doubts, but since I have tried the socks I am hooked! Every biker on the planet should have these socks!
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