Amrex Spectrum Micro 1000 - Microcurrent

Amrex Spectrum Micro 1000 - Microcurrent

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AMREX Spectrum MICRO 1000 - Microcurrent

The Spectrum MICRO-1000 is a clinical micro current generator designed to manage chronic and acute pain. It enables the practitioner to control the patient?s pain during the healing process. Not to be confused with a conventional T.E.N.S. device, it differs in both the type of electrical output the unit produces and in how the instrument is utilized.

  • Provides easy treatment protocol set up
  • Selectable audio function indicator
  • Quick read
  • Illuminated, visual function indicators.

    For portability, or when AC power is unavailable, it includes a rechargeable battery pack with a battery.

  • Touch pad controls
  • Colored illuminated display
  • Selectable audio and conductivity LED display
  • Selectable audio current output LED display
  • Selectable 20-1000 microampere range
  • Selectable 0.5-640Hz frequency range
  • Variable polarity
  • Point conductance measurement
  • Remote treatment on/off conductance probe
  • 24 Karat gold plated electrodes
  • Battery operable
  • Two Year Warranty - Parts and Labor (batteries excluded)

    *This item must be ordered by a licensed healthcare professional.
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