Amrex MS322 Low Volt Muscle Stimulator

Amrex MS 322

Total Price:
Amrex MS 322 Muscle Stim. This single channel 2 pad low volt muscle stimulator is quite a unit for the money. It is a workhorse and yet affordable.

It features adjustable pulsation and surge rates, surge mode ramped, tetanize mode, intensity reset circuit, 30 minute timer, combination therapy capabilities,

It is UL listed and comes with a 2 year warranty - parts and labor. It weighs 3 lbs. and it's dimensions are 7 3/16" wide x 7 5/16" deep x 4 11/16" high.

Line Voltage: 120 Vac, 60Hz
Current: 0.25 A

Product features:
  • Single channel, 2 pad stimulator
  • Adjustable pulsation rate (1-80 Hz)
  • Adjustable surge rate (ramped)
  • Tetanize mode
  • Intensity reset circuit
  • Combination therapy capability
  • 30 minute timer
  • Flextrode pads and covers
  • Two-year parts and labor warranty
  • UL Listed
  • Made in the USA

The MS322 Low Volt AC Muscle Stimulator combines proven reliability and ac power in a compact, low volt ac muscle stimulator. The MS322 Is a single channel, two pad, low voltage electrical muscle stimulator that produces pulsation tetanize and surge output.

Combination Therapy

The MS322 may be used tor combination therapy. Low voltage electrical muscle stimulation may be applied separately or it may be combine with therapeutic ultrasound simultaneously through the ultrasound transducer of an Amrex SynchroSonic ᄋ U/50.

Electrical Stimulator

Waveform - asymmetrical alternating current (no load) Output Voltage - 11O V peak into 1k load, 28 V peak into 1oo n load Output Intensity - 56 ᄉC maximum charge, per pulse into 100 n load Pulse Width - 200 ᄉs al 50% V maximum Frequency Range - 1 to 80 pulses per s Surge & Reciprocal Duration - adjustable, 3.75 s on/off to 0.375 s on/off
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