Beni Koji Red Yeast Rice 60 C By Douglas Labs

Beni Koji Red Rice Yeast by Douglas Labs

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Beni Koji Red Yeast Rice 60 C by Douglas Labs

Red Yeast Rice extract, known as Hong Qu in China, is a traditional food used in Peking duck or spare ribs. It contains small amounts of Monacolin K (also known as mevinolin), identical to the active agent known as lovastatin.

This formula is designed to decrease blood cholesterol and reduce side effects commonly found in "statin" drugs.

It is meant for less severe levels of cholesterol. Coupled with a proper diet and exercise, a study at UCLA showed a drop in cholesterol of about 40 points in 12 weeks.

Red Yeast Rice also contains at least 11 other substances such as phytosterols which have beneficial effects on cholesterol. Bottle of 120
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