Black Seed Oil 90 Softgels By Physician'S Strength

Black Seed Oil 90 Softgels By Physician'S Strength

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Black Seed Oil 90 softgels by Physician's Strength

Oil of Black Seed is cold-pressed from Nigella sativa seeds to produce a luscious, nutritionally dense oil rich in sterols, sterolins, and melanin, plus omega-6s, and -9s, providing powerful support for a natural digestive response.* Its dense content of thymoquinone provides support for a healthy heart, arterial, and lung response as well as liver and immune support.* Take your Oil of Black Seed capsules daily to support an overall healthy body response.* Minimum thymoquinone content: .77%.


Serving Size: 2 SoftGel

Servings Per Container: 45

Amount Per Serving

  • Proprietary blend: 2000 mg
  • Proprietary blend
  • Cumin seed essential oil
  • Fennel seed essential oil
  • Wild, organic rosemary oil
  • Wild, organic oregano oil
  • Other Ingredients: tilapia fish gelatin (capsule) 100% GMO free


    Take two or more capsules daily with meals.
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