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Chattanooga Ttet Traction Table

Chattanooga TTET Traction Table

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The TTET-200 is a two section traction table with an adjustable height from 19" to 38" and a working load of 400 lbs. This newly designed table is specifically for use with the Portable Intermittent Traction Units.

Shown with optional traction unit.

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    Unleash the Power of Effective Spinal Traction

    Introducing the Chattanooga TTET Traction Table

    The Chattanooga TTET Traction Table is a highly regarded and versatile equipment that provides adequate spinal traction and therapeutic relief. With its exceptional features and ergonomic design, this table has gained popularity among healthcare professionals and individuals seeking non-invasive treatment options for spinal conditions and pain management.

    • Superior Construction and Durability: The Chattanooga TTET Traction Table is built to focus on durability and longevity. It features a sturdy frame constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring stability and reliability during treatment sessions. The table's robust construction allows it to withstand frequent use in clinical settings while maintaining optimal performance.
    • Adjustable Height and Comfort: The TTET Traction Table offers adjustable height settings, allowing practitioners to customize the table's position according to patient needs. This feature ensures proper alignment and comfort during treatment sessions. Additionally, the table has a comfortable and supportive padded surface, enhancing patient comfort during traction therapy.
    • Precision Traction Control: The table incorporates advanced traction control mechanisms, enabling healthcare professionals to deliver precise and controlled spinal traction. The traction force can be easily adjusted to suit the specific requirements of each patient. This precise control ensures effective spinal column decompression, reducing pressure on nerves and facilitating pain relief.
    • Multiple Traction Modes: The Chattanooga TTET Traction Table provides various traction modes, adding versatility to treatment options. These modes may include continuous traction, intermittent traction, or oscillating traction. Switching between different modes allows practitioners to tailor treatment plans based on individual patient needs, optimizing therapeutic outcomes.
    • Easy-to-Use Controls: The table is equipped with user-friendly controls that make operating and adjusting the traction parameters simple. The controls enable healthcare professionals to set the desired traction force, treatment duration, and other parameters quickly and accurately. This intuitive control system enhances the overall treatment experience and ensures the precise application of traction.
    • Patient Safety Features: The Chattanooga TTET Traction Table prioritizes patient safety. It is designed with secure harnesses or belts to ensure proper positioning and stability during traction therapy. These safety features provide peace of mind for practitioners and patients, minimizing the risk of injury or discomfort during treatment sessions.
    • Compatibility with Additional Accessories: The TTET Traction Table is compatible with a range of additional accessories, expanding its functionality and treatment capabilities. Accessories such as headrests, thoracic belts, or specialized cushions can be incorporated to provide targeted support and enhance treatment effectiveness.
    • Trusted Brand: Chattanooga, the manufacturer of the TTET Traction Table, is a reputable and well-established brand in the healthcare industry. With a strong reputation for producing high-quality equipment, Chattanooga ensures that the TTET Traction Table meets stringent quality standards and delivers exceptional performance.

    The Chattanooga TTET Traction Table offers durability, precise traction control, and patient comfort. Its adjustable features, multiple traction modes, and safety measures make it a versatile and effective tool for healthcare professionals specializing in spinal decompression therapy. With its reputation for quality and innovative design, the Chattanooga TTET Traction Table continues to be a preferred choice for practitioners seeking reliable and advanced traction equipment.

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