Co Q-10 100 Mg Ubiquinol By Energique

Co Q-10 100 Mg Ubiquinol By Energique

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Co Q-10 100mg Ubiquinol by Energique

Co Q 10 100mg Ubiquinol softgels support the production of energy that is important for healthy heart and nerve function. Ubiquinol is the reduced form of CoenzymeQ10. Unlike most forms, which are oxidized, this is in a base of Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) to optimize Ubiquinol stability. The two fatty acids ヨ capric and caprylic acid ヨ help dissolve the ALA so it can perform its protective role inside the softgel.

Ready to be used by the body for its antioxidant benefits Supports cellular energy production and the high energy demands of the heart and brain. Helps maintain blood pressure already within normal limits.

Superior bioavailability compared to Ubiquinone (oxidized) form of Coenzyme Q-10, with d-limonene from citrus to prevent crystallization which increases solubility and enhances absorption

Productt Info

Weight/Package Size 50 count

  • Ingredients Ubiquinol (reduced coenzyme Q10) 100 mg.

  • Other Ingredients D-Limonene Oil, gelatin, glycerin, purified water, caprylic acid, capric acid, caramel liquid*, and alpha lipoic acid


    As a dietary supplement, adults one softgel daily with or after a meal or as directed by a health professional.
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