DBC™ Promaxx Acupuncture Needles

DBC™ Promaxx Acupuncture Needles

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DBC ProMaxx is the first of a new generation of DBC needles engineered to help practitioners treat athletes. DBC ProMaxx is the only needle manufactured to have the firm feel of a thicker needle with a thinner gauge, making it ideal for use on athletes of all levels.

Why use DBC ProMaxx:
  • New generation of DBC needle engineered for athletes
  • Firm shaft
  • First needle made with this technology
  • Precision tip designed for painless insertion
  • Better choice for deeper needle insertion

    Who should buy DBC ProMaxx:
  • Practitioners who treat athletes (all levels)
  • Practitioners treating patients with more muscle mass
  • Practitioners treating acute and chronic pain conditions
  • Practitioners with patients concerned with quick recovery

    Each needle has a spring-style metal handle and is individually packaged with its own guide tube, color-coded tabs for easy gauge identification, in easy-to-open blister packs. Sold in boxes of 100 needles.

    J = Japanese Gauge
    C = Chinese Gauge
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