Ear Dot Magnets - Best Buy - Package Of 500

Ear Dot Magnets - Best Buy - Package Of 500

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Ear Dot Magnets

  • Gold magnets
  • 1.7mm diameter
  • 800 Gauss
  • 100 pieces per package
  • Very popular and useful for auricular (ear) acupuncture points treatment and Magnetic Facial Therapy
  • 10 magnetic balls on a pre-sorted white plastic board, 3/4 x 2 inches
  • Covered with long lasting skin color surgical tape against contamination
  • Easy, convenient to peel and apply to the ear at any place and time

    Just 30 minutes a day of using facial magnet therapy will make you feel fresher and you will notice a lessening of the lines in your face, it is really magical and long lasting.

    After 7 days you will start to notice a difference

    The most important factor for results is consistency.

    This is the most important factor because if you do not give magnetic therapy enough time to work, you will not get optimal results.

    By utilizing the additional products described in Chapter 6 you can accelerate the effects of magnetic facial therapy.

    By increasing the number of magnets and the duration of time these products will maximize the effectiveness of facial magnetic therapy

    and after 30 days, the rejuvenation process will be well under way.
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