Face Mask-Disposable Protective Mask - Package/50

Face Mask-Disposable Protective Mask - Package/50

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Face Mask - Disposable Protective Mask

Package of 50

Top-quality mouth and nose masks are made with trusted and durable materials. Soft and non-toxic, the 3-ply design uses a cotton inner layer, filtering middle layer, and non-woven outer layer for premium protection.

These disposable masks are designed to be lightweight and breathable. With the feature of unfolding and expanding, the face masks will ensure full coverage of your nose and mouth, while the soft elastic ear loops will not cause discomfort or irritation.

High-quality filtering face masks ensure a physical barrier to protection. With the new 3-ply design, It can help block pollution so you can breathe easily and safely in any environment.

Unlike other protection face masks, these nose and mouth masks are soft and lightweight. The face masks are gentle on the skin and feel comfortable and easy to put on and take off.
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