G5Hand Held Massager

G5Hand Held Massager

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The Benefits of the G5-GBM Massager

The G5® GBM™ Massager is our most powerful massager for traveling professionals, and home users who want the best portable massager available.

Designed with the same high standards and technologies of G5 stand-mounted units, the GBM was reduced in size and price to hit the "sweet spot" with professional users. The G5 GBM's ergonomic design makes the machine easy to use.

The G5® GBM™ Massager incorporates power and mobility in a small unit that fits in a travel bag. Simple to operate - just turn the knob and gradually go from lower to higher speeds. It is perfect for light-duty clinical treatments or home use.

Continuously-variable expanded speed range of 15 to 55 cycles per second. The GBM™ comes with a Portable Professional Therapy applicator package

View the PRO-PORT-PKG Applicators included with the G5 Pro Power massager.
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