Gestaplex 90 Caps By Physician'S Strength

Gestaplex 90 Caps By Physician'S Strength

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Gestaplex 90 caps by Physician's Strength

Support for a Healthy Digestive System

Gestaplex contains the most potent combination of natural enzymes to support the normal and healthy digestion of food. Gestaplex digestive formula is completely natural and is made from powerful herbs and spices used traditionally for supporting digestion and stomach function.

Product Info

Serving Size: 2 Capsule

Servings Per Container: 45

Amount Per Serving

  • Proprietary blend: 1400 mg
  • Ginger powder (root)
  • Enzyme blend
  • protease
  • amylase
  • lipase
  • cellulase
  • lactase
  • bromelain
  • papain
  • Crushed fresh coriander (seed)
  • Crushed fresh fenugreek (herb)
  • Wild high-mountain oregano powder (oil)
  • Wild high-mountain oregano (herb)
  • Crushed fresh cardamom (seed)
  • Crushed sumac (fruit)
  • Other Ingredients: pullulan (tapioca)


    For ideal support take 2 capsules with meals to assist digestion. For the digestion of all food use Gestaplex.
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