Gua Sha Oil

Gua Sha Oil

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Gua Sha Oil (Cooling),30CC capacity

Made of natural herbal substances 30CC capacity Formulated for Gua Sha

An ancient Chinese secret, Gua Sha therapy is still practiced by many Chinese today.

Gua means to scrape or rub.

Sha is a "reddish, elevated, millet-like skin rash' (aka petechiae). Sha is the term used to describe Blood stasis in the subcutaneous tissue before and after it is raised as petechiae.

Gua Sha is one technique that intentionally raises a Sha rash or petechiae. It is a traditional ancient Chinese healing technique that dates back over two thousand years.

This ancient method of promoting "qi"

Gua Sha Oil is used in the treatment as a lubricant to the skin.
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