Harmonize Wood & Earth 1 Oz By Kan Herbs

Harmonize Wood & Earth 1 Oz By Kan Herbs

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Harmonize Wood & Earth 1 oz by Chinese Modular Solutions

Formerly known as Harmonize Liver & Spleen 2 oz Chinese Modular Solutions

Herbal Supplement

Wisdom You Can Swallow

Product Info - Ingredients

Poria, White peony root, White atractylodes rhizome, Bupleurum root, Siler root, Dong quai root, Cyperus rhizome, Vladimiria root, Bitter orange immature fruit, Tangerine dried rind of green fruit, Chinese mint herb, Chinese licorice root, Roasted Chinese hawthorn fruit.

Fu ling kuai, Bai shao, Bai zhu, Chai hu, Fang feng, Dang gui shen, Xiang fu, Mu xiang, Zhi shi, Qing pi, Bo he, Gan cao, Shan zha tan.

Water 55% to 65% Alcohol 18% to 22% per volume

Suggested Use- Recommended Adult Dosage 1 to 2 dropperful, 2-3 times daily
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