Herbal Neti Soother With Plastic Neti Pot

Herbal Neti Soother With Plastic Neti Pot

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Herbal NETI Soother with Plastic NETI Pot

Herbal Neti Soother soothes nasal passageways, maintains healthy sinuses, provides some anti-microbial activity, and protects against pathogens. This is a gentle blend of herbs in a saline and aloe vera solution, perfect for daily use or to soothe and repair irritated or damaged sinus membranes.

Herbal Neti Soother is an ideal counterpart for Super Neti Juice and together they transform your neti pot into a two-fold sinus membrane healer and antimicrobial destroyer.

  • Eucalyptus ヨ acts as a soothing, cooling antiseptic
  • Calendula ヨ soothes mucosa and comforts tissues
  • Echinacea ヨ heals skin infections and fights cold and flu
  • Plantain ヨ reduces phlegm, tonifies mucus membranes, and heals tissues
  • Aloe Vera ヨ soothes tissues and membranes and promotes healing
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract ヨ acts as an antimicrobial and natural preservative

    Includes Travel (Plastic) Neti Pot

    Nasal Saline Irrigation

    Works GREAT for:
  • Sinus Infections
  • Nasal Congestion
  • Sinus Cleansing
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