Hot Flash Relief By Nature'S Rite - Package Of 2

Hot Flash Relief By Nature'S Rite - Package Of 2

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Hot Flash Relief by Nature's Rite - Package of 2

This is not hormone replacement, itメs not a drug, it IS a natural combination of herbs that have been used by women for thousands of years. These herbs have been brought together in this special recipe by master herbalist Steven Frank for the women in his family. Now you can enjoy the relief that they have known for years.

  • Control PMS
  • Relieve and Reduce Hot-Flashes
  • Calm nerves that are aggravated by menopause


  • Black Cohosh and Sage ヨ used extensively for hormone balancing of women in menopause by the Native Americans.
  • Mexican Wild Yam ヨ estrogen mimicking components that have been relied on by women of the Southwest regions of America for centuries.
  • Chaste Tree Berries ヨ the natural solution of choice for many women in the east to balance hormones. In parts of the Mediterranean and Africa, they are used to ease pre-menstrual stress.
  • Lavender, St. Johnメs Wort ヨ very valuable in calming and relieving excess nervous activity that can be associated with these feminine モpower surgesヤ.

    Combining all of these herbs into one simple spray allows you to balance your hormones, relieve hot flashes and over-time, to reduce the occurrences of menopausal symptoms.

    Hot Flash Relief (4 oz.) Each
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