Back Brace By Incrediwear

Back Brace by Incrediwear

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The Incrediwear Back Brace is embedded with active elements (Carbon & Germanium) that work to increase circulation; resulting in reducing inflammation, relieving pain & stiffness, and accelerating recovery.

Incrediwear's active elements are semi-conductors, stimulated by body heat that begin working immediately once the product is put on. On average, Incrediwear takes only 20 minutes to feel the difference and bring relief.

The Back Brace increases circulation to accelerate recovery, relieve pain, support, and reduce inflammation from symptoms affiliated with: Spondylolisthesis, herniated disc(s), strains & muscle injuries, rib fractures, acute/chronic injuries, lower/mid back pain, muscle spasms, pinched nerve(s), and stiffness/soreness.

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