Jeanie Rub Massager - Variable Speed

Jeanie Rub Massager - Variable Speed

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Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massager

With Jeanie Rub massagers, relief is just a flip of the switch away.

As the industry standard among professional masseuses, Jeanie Rub offers deep, penetrating massage through a hand-held electric device. Now you can get the same treatment at home with various Jeanie Rub models and accessories.

The Jeanie Rub massager's orbital action delivers a consistent and relaxing massage of the shoulders, thighs and other areas without the irritating pounding of handheld massagers manufactured by other companies.

Different orbital speeds allow you more control when massaging more sensitive areas or when wanting deeper massage. Various accessories provide a more targeted trigger point and more comfort for extremity massages.

Variable Speed Massager #3401 This versatile, variable-speed model allows you to control speeds between 1,400 to 4,600 rpm for a custom massage.

This model provides flexibility in massage. You can slow down for more sensitive areas or increase speed for heavier muscle tissue.

All Jeanie Rub massagers are built to ANSI Standards and are CSA certified, ensuring they have been evaluated to meet or exceed consumer safety standards for use in the United States and Canada.

All massagers include our standard 1-year warranty.
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