Lauricidin By Med Chem Labs

Lauricidin By Med Chem Labs

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Promote a Strong Immune Defense

Lauricidin (monolaurin) is one of the most important fats found in mother's milk and partially responsible for the milk's antibacterial antifungal and antivirial properties. It has been extensively tested and research indicates that it inactivates bacteria, yeast, fungi and viruses. This dietary supplement will help you acquire better health.

  • Promote a Strong Immune Defense ヨ Lauricidin supports a healthy and hardy immune system*- a strong defense even when you feel that your immunity is challenged

  • A Gut Instinct ヨ Helps maintain a normal, healthy balance of intestinal flora* and yeast*.

  • Absorbs Cleanly by the Body ヨ Pure lipid monolaurin is a naturally occurring monoglyceride metabolized directly by the liver unlike other saturated fats. It is not re-converted into inactive triglycerides.

  • Cost-Effective Lauricidin is significantly more cost-effective than other competing brands. You may need to take 18-30 capsules a day, or 12 tablespoons or more of coconut oil per day to equal the amount of monolaurin found in the recommended use of Lauricidin.

  • Lauricidin is all-natural, free from potential drug interactions and coconut allergens.

    LAURICIDINᆴ Intake Instructions

    Simply place contents of the blue scoop in mouth and wash down with water or juice.


  • Take Lauricidinᆴ in small amounts until you reach your level for optimal health and self healing. This could mean from a few pellets to 1-3 blue scoops/day.
  • When air or ship traveling, you may need to increase your maintenance level.
  • When faced with stress or モcoming down with something,ヤ increase the level during these times.
  • Take daily for optimal health and self healing much like vitamins.


  • Do not chew the pellets.
  • Do not swallow with hot liquids.

    Lauricidinᆴ is a concentrated mini-pellet (~30 mg per pellet) of sn1 (3)-monolaurin. The size and shape of the mini pellets can vary.

  • Lauricidinᆴ is nontoxic and safe for children and pets.
  • Lauricidinᆴ is bioactive, the exact amount that you need for optimal health depends on your diet and genetic make up.

    Children (3-10 years old)
  • Do not chew pellets.
  • To be taken with meals.
  • The mini-pellets can be placed in the mouth and swallowed with water or juice.
  • Do not take with hot liquids.
  • For difficult situations try placing the pellets (whole or powdered) into applesauce, pudding, peanut butter, etc.
  • For very young children it is best to start with 1-3 pellets/day for a several days before gradually increasing the amount.
  • The usual initial level of Lauricidinᆴ is increased gradually to twice/thrice daily for a week or two.
  • The level can be further increased thereafter.
  • The maintenance level will depend on effects seen and adjusted accordingly.

  • Take with or after meals.
  • The mini-pellets can be placed in the mouth and swallowed with water or juice.
  • Do not take with hot liquids.
  • Do not chew or take as a powder.
  • The recommended initial level of Lauricidinᆴ is ~0.75 gram (1/4 blue scoop) or less two or three times daily for a week before increasing the amount.
  • The level can be then increased to 1.5 grams (1/2 blue scoop) one, two or three times daily thereafter.
  • A maintenance level can be 3.0 grams (one blue scoop) two or three times a day necessary for optimum health effects. In stubborn cases this may be increased.
  • The length of time for taking the supplement is an individual response.
  • Supplements need to be taken on a continuing basis for better healthヨmuch like vitamins.
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