Muscle Honey By Nature'S Rite -  2 Pack

Muscle Honey By Nature'S Rite - 2 Pack

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Muscle Honeyル by Nature's Rite - 2 Pack

This gel is a water-decoction of numerous herbal ingredients traditionally used for centuries by hunters, runners and laborers to achieve real results. Weメve combined them into one easy-to-apply trans-dermal gel which can be conveniently absorbed through the skin, an application unique to this century. This represents a new day in herbal sports enhancement.


  • Comfrey ヨ enhances tissue mending
  • Witch Hazel ヨ increases muscle fiber lubricity
  • Arnica Montana ヨ supports healing
  • White Willow ヨ relieves pain
  • Devils Claw ヨ joint support
  • Peppermint Leaf ヨ circulation and physical support
  • Ginseng ヨ energy enhancement
  • Juniper Berry ヨ flushes lactic acid
  • Sweet Marjoram ヨ cramp relief

    Muscle Honey (6.8 oz.)
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