AHCC 750 MG 30 C by Olympia Labs

AHCC 750 MG 30 C by Olympia Labs

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AHCC is a natural substance made from medicinal mushrooms containing bioactive, low molecular weight hexose molecules. At Tokyo University researchers found that AHCC supplementation clearly affects the strength of your immune system with increased natural killer cell activity and enhanced effects of killer T-Cells. This research on AHCC has made it a leading alternative immune support therapy in Japan. Yale medical researchers suggest that AHCC boosts the immune system. Additionally, AHCC has also been reported in scientific literature to have beneficial influences on healthy blood activity and healthy blood pressure levels already within normal range.

Olympian Labs endorses natural ways to heal the body and uses only the best quality ingredients in their products.

For clinical studies visit: aminoup.co.jp

Olympian Labs AHCC Benefits Include:

  • Clinically Studied Ingredient*
  • Immune System Support*
  • Supports T-Cell & Natural Killer Cell Activity*
  • A Leading Alternative Immune Support Therapy in Japan*


750 mg/capsule




30 Capsules

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