Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil

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Pure Lavender Essential Oil: Your Sleep & Relaxation Aid

Discover the versatility of Olympian Labs' Pure Lavender Essential Oil, a natural solution that promotes relaxation and restful sleep. Lavender Essential Oil is renowned for its calming and refreshing qualities, making it a popular choice for relaxation and aromatherapy.

Derived from the steam distillation of Lavandula officinalis flowers, Lavender Essential Oil is widely used in perfumes and aromatherapy. Native to the Mediterranean region, including Spain and Italy, it is also utilized for relieving minor muscular aches.

Olympian Labs Pure Lavender Essential Oil offers aromatherapy and health benefits, including:

  • Calming and Relaxing Effects
  • Aches Relief
  • Disinfects Scalp & Skin
  • Enhances Blood Circulation

Discover more uses for Lavender oil:

  • Aromatherapy and Bath Additive
  • Repels Insects
  • Assists with Sleep Improvement
  • Helps with Noncystic Acne

Suggested Uses:

  • Aromatic or Topical Use
  • Inhale Aromatherapy Steam
  • Massage into Skin
  • Enhance Pillow for Sleep
  • Add to Laundry Rinse
  • Include in Bath

Experience the power of Olympian Labs 100% natural Lavender Oil, available in convenient 2.0 FL OZ bottles.

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