Peppermint Oil 2 fl oz by Olympia Labs

Peppermint Oil 2 fl oz by Olympia Labs

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Energy & Invigoration Aid

Let the aroma of Peppermint Oil awaken your senses so you feel energized and invigorated. The strong, clean, fresh, minty scent can be used to reduce stress and help improve your concentration and mental sharpness. Some even find it beneficial on long drives to help stay alert & fight exhaustion.

Its main constituent is menthol, which imparts the remarkable cooling sensation when tasted or touched. This opens the benefits of Peppermint Oil to assisting with ailments such as cold symptoms and respiratory issues.

Olympian Labs 2oz Peppermint Essential Oil Aromatherapy & Health Properties:

  • Stimulate Senses
  • Digestive Aid
  • Clear Congestion
  • Soothe Nausea
  • Ease Breathing
  • Remove Odors
  • Fight: Stress, Mental Exhaustion

Here are a few more uses for Peppermint Oil that you may not know about:

  • Research shows it can improve taste and smell when inhaled.
  • Directly affects the brain's satiety center, triggering a sensation of fullness after meals.
  • May curb appetite and studies show inhaling oil 5-10 times per day reduces food intake due to lack of hunger.
  • Benefits the respiratory system as the menthol clears the respiratory tract.
  • Can be used to reduce nasal congestion when rubbed on the chest or inhaled through a vaporizer.
  • Peppermint Oil is also used for relief from mental strain.
  • Inhaling a few drops of Peppermint Oil sprinkled on a handkerchief or drop several drops of your Peppermint Oil onto the back of the neck and at the temples.
  • Rub into the area and discomfort should start to diminish within minutes.
  • Peppermint can reduce aches as it is a refrigerant and when applied to some area will cause a cold sensation that may help with inflammation.
  • For body rashes and reactions to things such as poison ivy, peppermint may reduce aches and itching, promoting rapid healing.
  • Peppermint Oil will also repel insects.
  • Use Peppermint Oil on the scalp to help regulate the pH and combat both dry scalp and oily hair.

Suggested Use:

  • For aromatic or topical use
  • Add 2-3 drops to a bowl of hot water to inhale aromatherapy steam
  • Add several drops to carrier oil or lotion, massage onto temples, chest, and abdomen
  • Add several drops to a spray bottle for natural air freshener in home or car

100% American Mentha Piperita. Twice rectified, meets specifications established by the Food Chemical Codex & National Formulary (NF).


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