Vitamin K2 + D3

Vitamin K2 + D3

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Optimal Support with Olympian Labs Perfectly Balanced D3 & K2 Formula

Perfectly Balanced Formula for Maximum Immune, Bone, Heart & Vascular Support. Enhanced with Calcium & BioPerine for superior absorption, this formula harnesses the synergistic potential of D3 & K2 to usher in a multitude of benefits.

D3 (Vitamin D3) and K2 (Vitamin K2) collaborate harmoniously to facilitate the transport and absorption of calcium. Achieving the right equilibrium of vitamin D, K2, calcium, and phosphorus is pivotal for constructing and preserving sturdy bones. This balance also contributes to skin health, fosters optimal brain function, nurtures heart health, and inhibits blood vessel calcification.

Empower your well-being with Olympian Labs' exceptional formula, encapsulating these advantages:

  • Maximum Immune, Bone, Heart & Vascular Support
  • Fortified with Calcium & BioPerine for Enhanced Absorption
  • D3 & K2 Synergy for Efficient Calcium Transport
  • Contributes to Skin Health & Proper Brain Function
  • Supports Heart Health & Inhibits Blood Vessel Calcification

Each container holds 60 capsules, providing a month's worth of servings.

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