Pure L-Citrulline 600 Mg 100 C  By Montiff

Pure L-Citrulline 600 mg by Montiff

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Pure L-Citrulline 600 mg by Montiff

Citrulline metabolizes to form Arginine in the endothelial cells of the circulatory system, producing high output sustained Nitric Oxide synthesis. Nitric Oxide is necessary for endothelial support, improving vascular tone, blood pressure and cardiovascular health.

WHAT IS CITRULLINE? Citrulline, which is considered a non-essential amino acid synthesized in the intestinal tract from Glutamine, converts to Arginine in the endothelial cells. This biochemical process involves L-Aspartate and the enzymes Argininosuccinate Synthetase and Argininosuccinate Lyase, in the presence of ATP. Arginine is important for Nitric Oxide production for cardiovascular health; however, most Arginine is utilized in the liver and kidneys, and only a fraction is available for this purpose.

Since Citrulline is a precursor to Arginine, it allows for increased and sustained Nitric Oxide production in the endothelium for support of circulatory function. Oral Citrulline supplementation provides a readily available source of Citrulline for this purpose, and some recent research further indicates that Citrulline may be the preferred source of cellular Arginine. In addition Citrulline also increases energy, stimulates the immune system, and is essential for Urea Cycle function as well.

Supplement Facts - Specifications Serving Size: 1 Capsule Servings Per Container: 100

Amount Per Serving
  • Pure L-Citrulline 600 mg

    Each Bottle Contains: 100 Capsules
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