Rayz Thinking Cap By Bioray

Rayz Thinking Cap By Bioray

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What are the Benefits of RAYZ Thinking Cap

You’ve Got This. When you think your chances are shot to heck. This gem of a formula perks up your brain cells and will pull you through. That’s right, we got this. Today, your brain is working harder than a person who lived 100 years ago….Our brain has stayed in the same shape, form, and function for the last few hundred years.

Facts. Enter ancient Chinese herbalism. These herbal ingredients have been used by some of the wisest people in the land when they wanted to enhance their thinking, strategies, and follow through.

Thinking Cap® balances brain wave functions, particularly beta and theta, bringing one into present time consciousness. Thinking Cap® is the best study buddy you've ever had.

Thinking Cap® Herbal Ingredients:
  • Micronized Chlorella, Organic Cilantro, 11-strain probiotic lysate blend, Fermented herbal blend of: Yu Zhu (polygonatum odorata), Eleuthero Root, Reishi Mushroom, Gan Cao (Licorice Root), Huang Jing (polygonatum rhizome), Schizandra Berry.

    Thinking Cap® Flower Essence Ingredients:
  • Hornbeam, Larch, Olive, Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose, Star ofBethlehem.

    Other Ingredients:
  • Kosher vegetable glycerin, deionized water, lemon with other natural flavors.

    Optimal Intake Instructions for Teens: Take 1 full squeeze of the pipette, 2-3 times a day, directly into your mouth or mix into your favorite drink. Shake well before each use.

    Intended for teens 12-18 years old. Consult with your teen’s health practitioner before taking this or any dietary supplement.

    Shelf Life: 5 years Storage: Store in cupboard. No refrigeration necessary.

    Naturopathically formulated with wildcrafted, organic herbs, and selectively imported botanicals for potency and goodness.
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